Love Sparkle? 

  If you love sparkle you’ll love the Sephora Collection Ultra Shine Lip gel 04 “Good Fairy”.  Described as a “lightweight holographic gel formula” this luxurious lip gloss is everything you need and more. Moisturizing, easy to apply, durable but not sticky, and best of all, GLITTERY! 

Unfortunately..(and don’t hate me here) it’s limited edition for the holidays…. but there is good news! You can always check out this same life changing formula in other shades and finishes. Sephora Collection is, in my personal and professional opinion a highly underrated line. Seen as “lesser” due to the lower price point. Let me point out a few widely unknown facts about this collection 

  1. Sephora is Louis Vuitton owned, thus Sephora Collection is Louis Vuitton owned. Doesn’t sound so cheap now… does it? 
  2. Because this collection is dealt with so personally, Sephora Artists have a huge say in product ideas, formulation, and packages. Who knows better than a Sephora artist?
  3. Because  Sephora artists work so closely with so many different brands and products, they are able to highly refine the best properties of products and put that into play with each new product Sephora Collection releases. Love Nars creamy concealer but hate how it cakes? Sephora Knows. Try their new gel liquid concealer under the eyes(but I’ll get into that later). Seem familiar? But lighter weight? Hmmm….

Now to try that $12 Sephora Collection Lipstick and drop your $99 marketing scheme. Join the real beauty world! Where the proof is in the product.  

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