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 If you haven’t tried Dior it-lash you need to either 

a) Buy it 

b) go to your local sephora to try it on, then buy it 

c) rethink your life and all of your decisions 

Spring/Summer Iridescence

 Stumbled upon this old Sephora-Pantone eyeshadow palette at work.  I can not believe we had any of these babies left over! All but two shades are completely iridescent and I am in so much love. Not to mention the classy magnetic clasp-lid packaging! This is a perfect palette for the Spring/Summer.  I love a dewy iridescent eyelid  so I can’t wait to play! Certain Sephoras still have some in the back room so call your local sephora and ask.  On sale for $15, you just can’t beat that. 

Light, airy, loves.

    Perfect for summer time. A flattering pastel pink salmon polish to rock on those toes ( we all know you’re dying to break in those new sandals you bought with your tax return!) , paired with a light lipgloss that’s easily reapplied throughout the day. Of course powder for that pesky shine the summer always seems to bring around, and a light hair fragrance for when you’re running around outside and could use a seeeriouss refresher. 

It’s brow maintenance day!

 You can actually pick all of these tools up at your local sephora. These mini tweezers are my life! Super cute and tiny, easy to travel with, but extremely sharp and high quality. 10/10 You go Sephora! 

Remember: Always trim your brow before plucking. (Carefully!)  This will prevent over plucking and save you a lot of heart break!

If you do over pluck though it’s okay! There are tons of brow growth serums out there. I used Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Enhancing Serum after a sad waxing experience and its been a staple in my routine ever since. A full, flattering brow is well worth an extra three minutes a week to pluck those stray hairs. 

Pretty in pastel pink


By far my favorite shade for this spring/ summer is a pale pastel salmon pink. This shade is rockable on any skin tone, and pairing this light and airy color with a salty sweet scent like Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino is a sure fire way to beat the heat!

Today’s loves

  Yes that is a personalized sigma angled kabuki brush. I always recommend tipping your brushes ( or any common products you bring on set for that matter ) with a nailpolish of your choice! This prevents theft and accidentally mixing up brushes and products with other artists. I tipped mine in a gold glitter from Formula X. 

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