April 2016 archive

Happy to say I’m a Mirina Girl, and you can be too! Just for being one of my lovely friends or followers, you can get 20% off a beautiful piece like this one at www.mirinacollections.com with my code “MirinaGirls” at checkout!  
Dress: Forever 21 

Necklace: Mirina Girls “Viola Gold” Statement Necklace

Shot: Dk2DallasPhotography

Hmu Style Model: Kathryn Havens 
Disclaimer: This necklace was sent to me, however had it not been I would have easily paid full price, much less 20% off! The quality is impeccable, and clearly the styles are amazing. My involvement with the company no way affects how I feel about this amazing piece, however I am absolutely honored to represent their brand.