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Pretty in pastel pink


By far my favorite shade for this spring/ summer is a pale pastel salmon pink. This shade is rockable on any skin tone, and pairing this light and airy color with a salty sweet scent like Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino is a sure fire way to beat the heat!

Today’s loves

  Yes that is a personalized sigma angled kabuki brush. I always recommend tipping your brushes ( or any common products you bring on set for that matter ) with a nailpolish of your choice! This prevents theft and accidentally mixing up brushes and products with other artists. I tipped mine in a gold glitter from Formula X. 

 Some of my favs on my face today❤️ Has everyone gotten their hands on the Sephora Collection color of the year Marsala palette? I hope so!! There is nothing I love more than a warm brick shadow to warm up a crease, and these babies blend flawlessly! 

 You can spot a makeup artist by the messy funbun of hair… Or the lipstick smear next to the mirror ❤️

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